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Please Help A Handicapped Person
Published By Maria Hardy on 2013-02-04 237 Views

Please help a Handicapped person
Rohit Srivastava is a handicapped boy, and I'm a handicapped boy. I'm not already handicapped. It is very long story. I share my life story and please help me with give me any computer
work online or tell me how can earn money with computer work.

I'm 28 years old. I'm not already handicapped. It is a my real life story and i share with you. I was a computer operator in DIC (Govt. Office) in Hardoi Uttar Pradesh. I worked as a computer operator and I worked honestly (Year 2002 to 2008). In 2008, I injured cervical problem in neck and in this problem, I was do not good walked, not good talked and not good runner. I meet with Doctor and do full checkup of body with CT Scan and MIR and other medical checkup. Tell me docter after medical check up, if you are want well, so please do typical operation and you will very well.

When doctor tell me our suggestion, I ready for operation but I'm am unluckily, operation is not successful and result is, this time I'm not walk with the help of leg, and I physically disabled. My hobby are do work on computer as a typist, and do well computer operator, data entrée, Photoshop, Coral Draw and internet. My educational qualification Graduate (B.A.) and other activity computer diploma and I do well know computer Hardware also.

My father and mother very older, so I want any computer work and do well through home with internet online. I'm very well know hindi and English so please give me any computer work or internet online work and I do very well promises. I am not walk with leg so I use tricycle for walk and go any where, My contact number is +91 88 96 74 13 69 and email address is : rsri189@gmail.com , so please if you are want do my help so please contact me and give any computer work for my earning. I hope you do help me.

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